About SmartStory Services

How are you different than an agency?

Storytelling at high-value moments is our sole focus. We don’t want to manage your brand, website and social pages. We look at your customer experience holistically and identify specific story opportunities that haven’t already been capitalized on and insert high-impact stories.

Our experience and expertise are in creating and delivering sophisticated story experiences that can capitalize on micro-moment opportunities. SmartStories are additive in nature to the content marketing, lead generation, data collection campaigns of digital and traditional agencies.

We are happy to partner with your agency of record to get you and your customers the best stories. Our process and technology combined with your agencies creative work can be a great combination!

Can you use my existing content and creative?

Absolutely. We can leverage any assets you already have. In most cases, the content will require minor adaptations for creating more relevant and personalized customer experiences.

Do you offer content production services?

Yes. We have several internal resources and also a large network of expert graphic designers, user experience designers, scriptwriters, video editors and producers, animation specialist, etc. that can be leveraged on demand.

We have experience managing a wide range of production efforts. Whether you need a high-value production with celebrity talent or something fast and inexpensive, we can competitively get it done at the quality you expect.

What if I need custom development or an API?

No problem. Our developers are top notch and can do just about anything! Reach out and we’ll scope your need quickly.

Are SmartStory shortcodes available in my country?

We do not currently support mobile messaging outside the U.S. but are looking into adding this as a feature. If you require this, please reach out and we can scope setting it up for you on a case by case basis.